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My story behind drink 'Golden Deceit' is inspired from the Slavic Pageon religions origin of life. • Where Rod, the supreme God of all came flying on a golden egg and divided the light from the darkness, created the seas and earth. And with all he created, he split everything into 3 Divine kingdoms. The Heavens The Earth The Underworld • The Champion that drives the drink is Stoli Elit which because of its purity, resides in the heavens ☁️💫 #stolielit #stoli #islandtoisland #vodka #artofthemartini #martini #pure #freezefiltration

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ann Saxon is a creative genius. She isn't on instagram but she does Pinterest all day, pinning photos of things she likes and ideas of things for other people. Her art is incredible. "I MADE THIS WITH A CREDIT CAHD! A PIECE OF PAINT STAHTED TO GO A WAY I DIDNT LIKE SO I RAAAN THAT THING DOWN LIKE THIS AND NOW LOOK! IT'S GOT A FACE IN IT! YOU SEE?!" she says in her trademark rolling squeal of a southern accent. If you don't know Ann, you should. She's a real awesome lady with enough character for a thousand stories...and just as many to tell. I spent the day hanging out with her, talking art, riding golf carts, shooting bows n arrows, and playing with vintage hats. I heard stories about her momma and her daddy (RIP) and about hoola-hoop cartwheels tearing acls and trees-in-closets with black bulls chasing Tim through woods. I left her house with, amongst many other things, a bottle of vodka. Damn if I'm not blessed with such awesomely wild folk in my life. . . . . . #annsaxon #art #creativegenius #badasswoman #gangsta #stoli #imtired #stories

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