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How do you feel if you are insulted? How do u feel when you insult others,these are two germane questions to ask. Insult is a bruise on peoples ego,its a belittlement of ones personality,it can be given and gotten, the thing I'll like to look at is,the feeling that follows insult either in the giving or the taking aspect.Let's take for instance: Mr okocha parked his Jeep beside the road,Mr Ojo a truck pusher scratched the Jeep by the side mistakenly,Mr Okocha got down from his Jeep and before he could say a word,Mr Ojo knelt down and begged him "am very sorry sir,its tiredness ni,I did not know when the truck got to your Jeep ,biko,e Jo sir,am very sorry,the scratch is not much am sorry". Mr Okocha was vividly angry,he shouted at him " which scratch is not much?!!!!,I bought this Jeep for 3million naira last week! Have you in your entire life seen that amount of money? You dirty,irritating,poverty stricken...... The insults kept poring out from Mr Okocha's mouth like rainfall.When he was done he felt RELIEVED.He got into his Jeep and left.Mr Ojo on the other hand felt BRUISED. When insulting others,especially in the heat of anger,you will feel relieved like those words would bring the thing in dispute to order.Have you for once thought of its effect on the person at the receiving end?,some insults have made others victims of high blood pressure due to thinking,some have made others commit suicide thinking their lives are worthless. You may be saying the truth,you can be like "After all,it's not as if am not saying the truth,his family is extremely poor,he is a church rat". Do you know if that your TRUTH had made him steal? Before,we heave insults on others,we should pause a minute,and put ourselves at the receiving end.Insult on Others may relieve you temporarily, but it can cause a permanent scar in the lives of others and just like Mr okocha,it won't repair the scratch on your Jeep.It is pertinent to know that anybody can be at the receiving end at any day. #respectothers # #bepositive # #staypositive #

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Happy Monday!!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Who is ready to start this week off o the right foot!? Starting today with energize and 30 minutes is just what I need to kick it off the right way! #lovethelifeyoulead

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Είμαστε κάτι απίστευτες αντένες. Υψώνονται σα δάχτυλα στα χάη. Στην κορυφή τους τ'άπειρο αντηχάει Μα γρήγορα θα πέσουνε σπασμένες. #ποίηση #Καρυωτάκης #chillvibes #perfectsky #inspiring #calming #poetry #staypositive #bye

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