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11 minutes ago

My look for day 2 of MFW 😎I can't believe that a few years ago I wouldn't have dreamt of having my picture taken yet now I will some what happily pose in front of strangers (this was kindly taken by one of the models) I still feel uneasy like but I can do it for the love of a good #OOTD 😁I'm constantly reminded that life's too short to hold back. This may seem trivial but up until my late twenties I REALLY struggled with accepting the way I looked and in my late teens I spent months indoors whilst others took gap years and went off to uni, with all the mirrors covered with towels for fear of seeing a reflection I despised.. so it's a big step 💛 If you're reading this and can relate, please know that you are enough & that things can get better. It's a journey 💋I seriously appreciate each and every one of you and the love you show me on this little page 🖤💛🖤 & before any haters start just know that I've finally figured out how to use my Sat Nav so in the words of Liam Neeson 'I will find you, & I will kill you' ✌🏼

13 minutes ago

Co powiecie na wiosenny, pastelowy look? 😁

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