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Cider Belly is CLOSED Sunday and Monday in observance of Memorial Day. But it doesn't mean we can't spread a little cheer with our "we feel your pain campaign." (We deliver doughnuts to unsuspecting people through the capital region on Sundays and holidays to let them know we appreciate what they do... because we feel their pain. It's our way of paying it forward.) In honor of all those who have served our country in one form or another, we will randomly select a few good people who have to work this holiday, and will be dropping off a sweet little care pack to let them know we appreciate all they do... in the hopes it will make working the holiday a little easier. We hope all of you will join us in our quest to pay it forward this weekend and spread a little extra kindness as you go through your day!!🙂 a little more kindness today will change the world tomorrow.🙃 #wefeelyourpaincampaign #sundayfunday #thankyouforyourservice #inrememberance #missyou #manythanks #spreadthelove #bellylove #ciderbelly #closedfortheholiday

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WIN IDR 100.000 GO PAY VOUCHERS by joining the movement and Instastory it! . . READ THE RULES before posting : 1. Follow @givegive_ 2. Do the kindness 3. Record, post it on your Instastory with hashtag #BecauseWeCanGiveGive 4. ⚠ IMPORTANT : make sure you mention @givegive_ & @gojekindonesia so we can see your post(s) 5. Unlock your account Lucky participants will be announced tomorrow 28 May @ 7PM. Enjoy spreading the kindness and hope you are the lucky ones to win the prize! #becausewecangivegive #spreadingkindness #spreadthelove #sharingiscaring #charitybazaar #organichutexpo #expomedan

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