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4 hours ago

Remembering Gregg tonight. I know he was not healthy but he was a road warrior. I wish I could have scored vinyl on this but I do have it! A amazing blues record, Low Country Blues which came out in 2011. I was extremely fortunate to see the '80's verision of the Allman Brothers Band four times on consecutive trips to the Dallas Blues Festival back in the day. Eight hours of nuttin but the blues, in sticky and hot Dallas but man I gotta tell you it was all so good and I have those incredible memories. 'I'm going back to my Father, fall down on my knees. Gotta do better than I did. Recognize me if you please.' Rest In Peace brother, you will be missed! #greggallman #ripgreggallman #allmanbrothers #theblues #southernsoul

11 hours ago

When I was just a wee babe, my best friends #crumhorn introduced me to a world of music that would forever change my life. Among my musical education were the Allman Brothers. I was head over heels for the music that fed my soul and made me feel like I was part of every note. I've been blessed to see them in concert a few times and they were by far the best concerts I've ever been to. My heart breaks that a musical legend was lost today, but by no means will he ever be forgotten. Gregg Allman will live on in the countless songs that will forever remain part of me. I lift my glass to the king of southern rock. #greggallman #heartbroken #musicallegend #midnightrider #comeandgoblues #sweetmelissa #musicformysoul #favoritebandforever #hewillliveon #kingofsouthernrock #southernsoul #theallmanbrothersband #greggallmanband #greggallmantribute #crumhorn #thankyou #mylife #myworld #mymusic

12 hours ago

Gregg Allman passed today at the age of 69. He has been in ill health for quite some time. His voice had the countrified sadness of Elmore James and the urban sounds of Bobby Bland, but it was the great singer, guitar player Little Milton that lit his way. Be at peace with your brother. #ripgreggallman #greggallman #allmanbrothers #southernsoul #southernblues

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