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I love this!! Are you going to let one set back or maybe even a few stop you? • I gained back 20 pounds a few months ago and was down on myself and felt like I couldn't help others because I wasn't helping myself! I want to tell you it's never too late to get back up! Giving up on your goals is lame! We all fail and fall short, but picking yourself back up is the key! • So are you going to pick yourself back up and start working toward your goals again? Or are you going to give up on your goals and let excuses win? The choice is yours! • Getting to our goals isn't always easy and takes dedication and hard work, but when you achieve those goals it's the best feeling and worth all the work! • If you are ready to take your life back and need help finding something to help you reach your health and fitness goals please message me or comment below! I would love to help you find something that will work for you! • #NeverGiveUp #GoalDigger #SundayVibes #Dedication #Commitment #Fitspo #Motivation #QOTD

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Dolphin strand feeding. This is a method of feeding practiced by dolphin only in the lowcountry - South Carolina, Georgia, and northern Florida. Fascinating! I took some video and hope to upload a clip soon ~ near Hilton Head Island, SC

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My Bride 👰🏽 from yesterday was so calm, relaxed and full of fun. I totally enjoyed her and the entire wedding party. Here is what her transformation looked like. Of course I used @blackopalbeauty products for this look. -----------HOW TO SCHEDULE AN APPT-------- All appointments are booked via my booking system. Visit appointments.chrissywoods.com your service, date, and time. For any appointment related questions please send an email to: info@chrissywoods.com Thank u🖤

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