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It's not fair how fast they grow .... We waited for this little girl for three years. They were some of the hardest, longest and heartbreaking years of my life. Now I can't remember what it was like without her, how is she almost four ?!?! 😢 most nights she sneaks in our room to snuggle and sleep in bed with us ....I know horrible 🙈 and although I sleep like crap when she does ....I don't care. Someday she won't sneak in and I'll wish she did. Someday she will be too cool for snuggles and I'll wish I could go back to these days. So sweet girl ...come snuggle...come sleep in the middle ...stay little for just a little while longer ❤ #momofgirls #workingmom #personalpost #sweetsleepygirl #slowdowntime

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