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2 minutes ago

Same horse show two and a half years apart! In the picture on the right I was 25 weeks pregnant with Presley Kate and sooooo sick! I remember this day like yesterday because it was a fluke day I actually felt good and Matt was so excited to get me out. He found this horse show and knew I'd be so excited. Flash forward 2.5 years later, my brown hair is gone🙌🏼, and that bitty baby is now a wild, loving, considerate, sweet, crazy, will always be my newborn, big girl. 😭❤️ #slowdowntime I love that I have these pictures.

38 minutes ago

This handsome little devil is 9 months old today! Before we know it he will be 1! Slow down time!! He loves his mommy, daddy, and big brother so much! He's finally getting a tooth popping through the gum (slowly but surely), hates sleep, and is pretty much an extra appendage to mommy🤣🙄 #brodynolan #babyboy #9monthsold #toobig #slowdowntime

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