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Was out with don ..... Now that I gotcha, Aye girl, I ain't gon play witchu, Becuz there's a lot of things, That I wanna say to you, Girl, you know you the shit, Balenciagas on ya kicks, Niggas all on ya dick, But we ain't gon trip, Cause I'm not ready for no commitments, Nah, nah, But I swear I hate seeing you wit them, Yeah, yeah. And I know you ain't trynna control me, And I know you're tired of being lonely, I can't help how I feel, I'm just keeping it real, They can't have you girl #Selfish #pnbrock 😍😍😍 ..... Sun march 26, 2017

11 minutes ago

Egois itu harus... Terkadang kita perlu egois, bukan hanya untuk kepentingan diri sendiri tpi agar dihargai orang lain. Setidaknya kita tidak harus terus2an mengalah, agar orng lain tidak meremehkan kita. . . . #selfish #ego #keraskepala

18 minutes ago

Back on them Backwoods💨 5 grams in it and I won't even pass this mafucka 😂 #Selfish

31 minutes ago

Second #coffeeenema went well. I think I do actually feel more energized. Did a second brushing with #activatedcharcoal and it looks like my #pearlywhites are whiter. Part of my anxiety control is #canibidiol oil. So started with that supplement today. Did some self care including a #collagenmask and feeling fine. Truly I had to get over some major emotional malfunctions that happened yesterday. Felling #guilty and #selfish . You can never be perfect or do everything right. Some digging this week is to be expected, physically and mentally. Trying to control anxiety and depression is like being allergic to water.

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