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Pretty much ;)

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A million dollars dream requires a million dollars work ethic. You cannot have one without the other. Work hard, educate yourself and keep focus on your end goal. #workethic . --- @1classlifestyle - Dare Create Live Your Dreams 👍

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The quintessentially English evening at the Opera that gave a stark reminder of what I want out of life! . . I was fortunate enough to be invited to The Grange, Hampshire, UK to watch an Opera & whilst in this beautiful setting amongst some fantastic people...it reminded me that I need to keep focusing on what I want from life & not to stop until I get it!!! These perks make me very happy & being in settings like this do too but I can only have that on a regular basis if I can afford it!

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This was my resolution last 2015: to stop eating at my work desk and take the time to unwind during lunch break. If I needed to have some coffee or tea in the afternoon, I rest my loaded brain by staying at the pantry (it helps me establish some network with other work colleagues too). From experience, I think there are more benefits to eating outside your cubicle: 1. Unless you bring your own food at home, you’re likely to choose healthier food (versus the convenient fast food that you get delivered – a usual habit of people with "no time") 2. Your networking opportunity increases by sharing a seat with someone at the cafeteria (especially with strangers or co-workers you rarely see but work with remotely via e-mails or calls) 3. Eating is arguably the best way to bond personally and professionally with your teammates. So stop bragging that you're too busy to eat lunch outside. Everybody IS busy, it's not just you. Assess if it’s possible that you may be inefficient with your own workload. Look at your keyboard now (yes, as in NOW). How much board chow do you have in it? The amount of board chow you have in your keyboard is probably proportional to the amount of stress you have at work. Once in a while, share a meal with your work colleagues. Unwind and rest your brain. Reboot it with non-work related thoughts so you can get a fresher and cleaner canvas to work on later. #FastForward #personaldevelopment #selfhelp #hustle #grit #love #selfimprovement #passion #food #sweet #Work #Career #fitness #dessert #success #inspiration #happy #gym #me #Motivation #life #Entrepreneurs #job #jobhunting #Entrepreneur #business #career #successful #GenY #millennial

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I'm strong enough to know people make mistakes/

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When we first met, my life was in shambles. I was recovering from a serious abdominal surgery, suffered a miscarriage with my ex, moved away from home for work, and then fell in love with a married woman. Needless to say I was faced with a tremendous amount of adversity, and was shit scared of the great unknown. Horrific life experiences often lead people to self deprecating actions. However, jiu jitsu and Rob's club especially were there for me, even if no one knew it. Years later, I am proud to continue to call Rob a friend, and I believe that without jiu jitsu in my life, I wouldn't be the strong, loyal, patient man that I am today. Adversity is unavoidable in life, but it's up to you on how you want to deal with it, stay positive and treat yourself like the king/queen that you are. Congratulations on the new academy coach @islandtopteam #bjj #jiujitsu #selfimprovement #jiujitsusavedmylife #motivation #newacademy #honesty #lifeisbetterinagi #sowhatifimemotional #traineverywhere #beproud #muaythaimickey

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