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Life couldn't be better for Milo (formerly Washington), who was adopted back in October! His new mom told us, "He is the perfect addition to our family - he has two human siblings (and two cat siblings) who think he is the greatest thing in the world. The friendship he provides them with is one of the most remarkable things I have ever witnessed. He is patient, affectionate, gentle, hilarious, and sensitive. We can't thank you enough for introducing us." Thank you to Milo's family for sharing this update with us and for giving this lucky dog a wonderful furever home! ❤️

59 minutes ago

Absolutely heartbroken to tell you all that our beautiful Ari passed in my arms on our way to the Animal Emergency Clinic today. 😭 I had shared a few days ago that we had taken Ari to the AEC because I suspected a UTI and he was sent home with some pain reliever and antibiotics. I had been force feeding him critical care as well as a probiotic and administering medications diligently as per my instructions. Last night he began to lose his appetite but I continued on with supplementing food and syringing water. This morning he was still pooping but looked quite miserable. When I called the vet they advised me to stop giving him the pain reliever as metacam can be quite hard on the stomach, and they felt he could be having a reaction to it. The antibiotic was the only one that could treat the bacteria present so we couldn't switch to another. Within a few hours he hadn't improved so we ran to the car and called the AEC on the way to let them know we were coming. Unfortunately Ari passed away before we could get him the medical care he needed. 😰 Ari was an incredibly special boy. From the moment I saw him and his brother Tristan, I felt a connection. I knew our house was full so sat on their adoption notice for months before deciding that we would be their forever home. When they got here I immediately fell in love with them both. Ari was incredibly sweet and outgoing. It wasn't long before he was putting his little paws on the front of the cage and demanding kisses. He loved being snuggled in your lap but couldn't stand being far from Tristan. He was a stunning boy with a wonderful personality that reminded me so much of our first piggy Phin. Light hearted, cheeky and fun. It filled my heart with so much joy to feel that love again. It kills me that he was only 1 1/2 years old and that I only got to be his Forever Mama for a few short months. I am however so happy that he found his forever home before passing away and that he was surrounded by those who loved him most when he left us. Sweet dreams Ari, even though your time with us was brief, you will be forever missed. 💞

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