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Ese día tu y yo teníamos mucho frío, tal vez es la ocasión en la que he sentido más frío en mi vida. Me llena de alegría pensar que al final hicimos el viaje que prometimos hace como año y medio en otro clima distinto, morenas por el sol y disfrutando del verano. Hoy se que el tiempo que he disfrutado viajando, ha sido también porque lo he pasado contigo. Te quiero. #edimburgh #arthursseat #mountains #climb #friends #travel #edimburgo #scotland #portrait

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Which way home?

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My #whisky #miniatures grow in quantity and then shrink even quicker 😅 There has been an influx of minis in the market which I assume is a direct result of the need to get scarce quantity of #whiskies into as many hands as possible. The humble 50ml standard size now also vary greatly with some getting as large as 200ml - the blue label in this pic a case in point and another great example being @glenmorangieau 4 x 100ml 'Taster Pack' where you get their 4 regular statement in a great little gift box Speaking of - even the standard for a regular #bottle is starting to shrink from 700mls to 500mls (that's one way to overcome the market shortage) . Great examples of these are Akashi from Japan and Nant from Australia. With demand ever increasing I think many other bottlers will follow suit. Do you guys and girls know of any other bottles which have shrunk in size to meet the shortage?

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