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10 minutes ago

Taking it back to riding on the back of @tinyrambler & @raeloo_raeloo 's motorbikes through the traffic of Chiang Mai. Yes, it is as chaotic as it looks. No, no one hit that pedestrian as he ran across the road.

38 minutes ago

When a #GenuineBuddy and a #Ruckus combine forces...No matter where you are, there is always something to do to #spice up life. Sometimes, I like to ride around cute #NJ towns and pretend I live in #Europe where #scooters are a thing. The one on the left, her name is Miami 🌴 I know, I know I'm a 🌽ball but that's me.😜 . . . -LittleMissTravels 🛵💨💨💨

59 minutes ago

Voor scooter reparatie of blok onderhoud kunt u terecht bij wm_tweewielers Volg dit account voor info kunt u een dm sturen #scooter #scooters #scootershop

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