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Appearance has become a form of currency, the MOST important form of currency. We are bombarded with messages that being beautiful is the most important thing a person can be and anything less is a flaw. Instagram is filled with men and women who have dedicated their accounts to this currency, to show not their talents, not their lives, nor their accomplishments, but to show OTHERS how they look. To have some power with beauty currency. It is not their fault, we are overexposed to beauty, and we are told 3 messages: 1) beauty is important 2)beauty looks only one way 3)we do not look that way We have come to see models and that beauty ideal as ubiquitous, and though we all understand that photoshop is a thing and models are unrealistic and they themselves look nothing like their pictures, we still internalize those messages and try to live up to them, possibly because we see nothing else. The gym has become a place to look good and not to be heathy, athletic, or take care of our body. Self objectification has become a goal, and we are making it a form of power. But like sugar, overexposure leads to illness. I'm at a loss at how to find the proper balance. We are so much more than how we look. #sanfrancisco #fitnessbypablo #fitness #exercistsf #bodyimage #beauty

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Flashback: This was the flyer for our 3rd anniversary party for La Tropi-Cal back in 2005. This Friday at Il Pirata, we're gonna celebrate 15 years of doing what we enjoy: dancing and making ppl dance to Cuban music! Hope to see you this Friday and THANK YOU for your years of support and allowing us to do what we do. #latropical #theoriginal #thefirst #timba #salsa #songo #son #musicacubana #abailarcasino #ruedadecasino #timbasf #timbabayarea #timbacommunity #cubaton #reggaeton #reggaetoncubano #sanfrancisco #bayarea

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Today on IndieUnderground.ca: Hold on tight for an #emotion-filled 🌸 journey through @__villager___'s latest EP, ‘Interim’. #OmidMoayedi , the person behind #Villager has just released a 3-track EP that explores his musical and lyrical depths. 'Interim' is a very cohesive and explorative 🔭 EP that feels deeply personal 💜. Article by Paul Rondeau. Listen 👂to the ENTIRE track at www.IndieUnderground.ca (link 🔗 in profile) #sanfrancisco #electronic #experimental #pop #dreampop #emotional #interim #psychedelic

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Sometimes you get really lucky and the sky becomes a painting. Spring has definitely sprung here in #SanFrancisco

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