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17 hours ago

Vacation is over, just got home ready to relax for the rest of the day. I already miss the ocean, but I'm ready to keep doing awesome things at the shop. I excited for some new clients I will be seeing this week and really pumped to take some photos. Thanks so much to everyone that follows me and helps keep me motivated!!! ❤️💈🔪✂️🖤

1 day ago

I'm honestly looking forward to getting back home. I have 3 new requests that I'm excited to cut and get some pictures of. One thing about taking pictures of your work is that you try your hardest to make them your best. You work on getting new people so you have new content. Your always studying other people to see new ways to do what you do. So just by taking pictures you become better at what you do 😎. Styled with #adhdry

1 day ago

I get back from vacation tomorrow, a very short trip but it was very much needed.

2 days ago


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