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. when did it get this bad . . . • social media + the current political scene cannot control us • . 1. women + they are not ugly for having fat . 2. men + they are not ugly for being short . . 3. women + they are not inadequate for the size of their chests . 4. men + they are not inadequate for the size of their genitals . . 5. everyone is good at sex ... when you're considerate of yourself + the other person . it is >> impossible << for anyone to be bad at sex . and it is >> okay << when misunderstandings happen . 6. everyone is cool . >> no one is cooler << ... except when you are bullying + harassing . only bullying + harassment + evil are >> not << cool . . 7. social media should be used to make human connections . 8. social media should not be abused to harass + intimidate . . . • i have the right to be me + to be free without feeling intimidated . >> we all have this right . << • we have the right to align with those who support us + say -- #bai -- to those who do not . regardless of : #sexuality , #mentalhealth , #race + #socioeconomic #status . • . . • #nottoday I will Not be Controlled today . • . . #beyou #bebold #befree #equality #riseup #riseabove #humanity #humanrights #freedom #liberate #advocate #onelove #weareone #mentalhealthawareness #together #wecan #community #nastywoman #lovetrumpshate #lovetrumpsall #loveoneanother #nojudgement #wegotthis . 🖤✖️ . ✌🏾🌼💘 .

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We loose sight of so much in this hectic world. but no matter what happens around us we can never loose sight of our self worth. It can happen we don't even realize it. How? Well we settle for less just because its available. We tolerate small amounts of disrespects from others every now and than. we don't realize it untill it get really bad. We allow the little indirect jokes or comments and we say oh its ok he or she was just joking I know them. Yet others are listening, observing and seeing your character being chipped away at. I sudgest you carefully take inventory of your life and the people in it. They and those things in your life will give you an idea of on a subconscious level where you hold your self value. If things don't seem to fit with in your vision of your best self. Its time to make changes.

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What does it take to become Royalty? Training hard, rising above, pushing your limits and having a champions-only mindset. 👑 Thank you @cmsphotographyllc for capturing this! Can't wait to see the rest of them💙📷

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