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11 minutes ago

This is one of the most empowering ways to walk through life: not being concerned about other people's opinions of you. When you know who you are, you don't need to react to whatever someone chooses to call you. WC Fields was absolutely right--it's what you answer to that really matters.

43 minutes ago

As proud as I am of Alex and Kory today, I am beyond proud of this girl. Today Charlee sat and applauded as every other girl in her division stepped up and received a medal. She smiled, told them good job and shook their hands. Then we got out to the truck and she busted into tears. She told us just how much she sucked at jiu-jitsu, and cried some more. It broke my heart into a million pieces as I tried to lift her up without starting to cry myself. A few minutes later she sat up and said "mom? I'm still going to keep going." And that right there folks? Makes her #1 .💜 #brazilianjiujitsu #nosbjj #jiujitsukids #jiujitsulifestyle #riseabove #nevergiveup #justkeepgoing #tournamentday #stillashiningstar #bjjgirls #atosjj #atos #thisislife

1 hour ago

Don't complain that you're uncomfortable. Take that opportunity, run with it, and grow. #RiseAbove

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