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When you hear someone call your name

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Pt. 272 "I wasn't acting like that, Harry!" I tossed a pillow at his head as he recounted my drunken night after he'd presented me with divorce papers. "Babe, I dragged you to your room. You wanted me to put babies inside you," he laughed lightly. I frowned, knowing it probably was what happened. "I love you," I shrugged as if it was the only explanation for my drunken behavior. I kissed his cheek and went to serve myself something to drink. A bottle of whiskey he'd put in here when we moved on. Since the kids were sleeping, I figured I could indulge with my husband, who was still pretending to be my boyfriend. "Why do you love me?" He asked as I straddled his lap. "When you're not being an ass, you make me feel like I'm on cloud nine. I feel on top of the world." I sighed and kissed him sloppily. Harry's POV "I want to write a song about it," she sighed, taking another sip of the Amber liquid, relaxing after a long day. "About what?" I chuckled, rubbing her thighs. "I don't know," she giggled. "That night. Right now. All the time," she shrugged again. "Any ideas?" I asked, setting my glass down. "Nope," she shook her head as she stood up. "I'm just gonna sing whatever comes out and you're going to produce it." It was more of a statement. She pulled me up and dragged me to the makeshift booth in the hallway, sitting in her chair in front of the mic. She played around a bit with some lyrics before she just got carried away and started singing and goofing off. #onedirectionfandom #louistomlinson #liampayne #niallhoran #harrystyles #zayn #l4l #like4like #f4f #follow4follow #spam4spam #larrystylinson #narry #lirry #zarry #nouis #niam #ziall #zouis #ziam #lilo #textingharry #harrystylesimagine #textingharrystyles #harrystylestextpost #rihanna #dylanobrien #WITWHLemonadeMITAM

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Cwd returning all Not including this one

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