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Okay last R+F pic for a bit BUT .. See this before and after?! Active Hydration Serum 1 use! Think GRAPE V. RAISEN. #beagrape #rfhydrationnation Johannambonnell.myrandf.com 🇺🇸Memorial Day Weekend special is 108.00 retail USD and I'll send you 20.00 cash back. That's wholesale cost. Lasts 60 days. Ive seen it ised on neck and back of hands too.

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Did you know dry skin actually behaves like older skin!? Active Hydrating Serum Rodan + Fields newest innovative product! 💧Our patent-pending technology is so incredibly innovative... the doctors literally created a new molecule, proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix in order to deliver the highest amount of glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and other major ingredients in the moisture game! 💧It draws moisture from the atmosphere and locks it in, for immediate and continuous hydration! 💧The second you use it, you will increase your skin's moisture level by up to 200%. Skin is immediately hydrated, healthy-looking and primed for products that follow! 💧This moisture attracting super-serum is clinically tested to boost all R+F Regimens and work with all skin types! #rfhydrationnation #RFTerry #trustmeyouwantthis #1skincarebrand #activehydratingserum #confidence #skincareinnovation

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💦 So excited to share results of #ActiveHydrationSerum by #RodanandFields • 💦 Check them out. Plus, here are 3 testimonials from Wangare Marshall, @efust , & @unikkiw who used R+F's latest and exclusive product that hydrate your skin up to 200% upon use. All 3 women are R+F consultants like me • 💦 "Seeing is believing right? My jaw dropped when I looked at my one week results of using our phenomenal ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM! The before was last Sunday mother's day 2017 and the after is today Sunday the 21st! My expression lines are gone, my face is glowing and feels petal soft to the touch. I am beyond words! I wanna shout from the mountain top, get your skin hydrated today! Place your order of our remarkable Active Hydration Serum and experience Younger-Acting and Younger-Looking skin. The results speak for themselves. I cant wait to see my day 60 results♡♡♡" 💦 • 💦 Wangare Marshall, Consultant 💦 • • 💦 "This product is so incredibly light weight and goes right along side everything I'm already using to help boost results, keep my skin softer, smoother and hydrated! 💦 • 💦 "Moisturizer" always break me out because of how heavy they are but with oily skin it's necessary for me to have moisture so Hydration was the solution!" 💦 • 💦 Erin Fust, Consultant 💦 • • 💦 "I'm obsessed with our new Active Hydration Serum. I thought my skin was pretty good, but this brings in Hydration that I had no idea I needed. Just look- my lines are diminishing even MORE and my skin is literally glowing from the dewy, healthy firmness. LOVE IT!" 💦 • 💦 Nikki Edelson, Consultant 💦 • • 🤔 Interested? Please message me for details on taking this home for 10% or 25% off retail 👍 • • • • #RFhydrationnation #lifechangingskincare #realpeople #realresults #multimedtherapy #hydrateyourbodyhydrateyourskin #60daymoneybackguarantee

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Wow!!!! Look at that! My colleague says, Check out my mom, Vickie L. Read! She's been a faithful R+F user for over two years and while the products have definitely made a huge difference in her skin texture, lift and overall health plus check out those lashes! But the real difference has come in the past 3 weeks after using the Active Hydration Serum! Check out those cheek wrinkles...GONE! My brother Jeff Read who doesn't get to see her very often is currently on vacation with them and he told mom something was different and he couldn't figure it out...and then they figured out it was her skin! AHS for the WIN! #RFHydrationNation ⭐️Memorial Day weekend special ⭐️ 💥$20.00 OFF HYDRATION SERUM

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Hydration vs. Moisture Many people think that their moisturizer is what makes skin hydrated... but let me share some insight! Available soon!! 💦Hyrdrators - designed to increase water content in the skin by attracting water to the deeper cells. 💧Moisturizer - help skin retain water by creating a barrier over the skin So, to keep your skin looking & feeling fresh & soft (not oily!) you need to increase your skin's hydration.... & then seal it in with a good moisturizer! There are A LOT of great moisturizers out there. But only ONE hydrator that has a patented molecule that solved the puzzle of enough hydration, with out the sticky residue. This product has changed the industry!!! Winning awards from beauty experts before it has even been released. Our scientists are on 🔥🔥 Message me to order yours! #RFHydrationNation

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