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"What's that over there? Oh hang on. That's barber and blow where I can get my BRAIDS on POINT" thought @courtneylloydtattoos as she peered over the mass of sweaty bodies pouring from #reshape @1rebeluk

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TOMORROW////PERSONIFY MONEY & SUCCESS WITH ACUPUNCTURE & HYPNOSIS In this workshop, Carolyn Barron of @botanarchy and Morgan Yakus of @mind__waves will work together with you to gain the keys to your success using hypnosis and acupuncture. We will create a dialogue to remove the blocks for you to be happier on your chosen path, and enhance the flow of creative potential, abundance, and qi using acupuncture. This process can include uncovering clues for your existing business or future business you would like to create, as well as shifting the relationship to your current job and relationship to money. This group hypnosis is designed to help if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by a business idea, stifled creatively, shy about marketing yourself, or have blocks around the energetics of money. The hypnosis tools in this workshop will support your goal in opening up to feel certain you deserve success, creating the steps to easily move forward. The acupuncture you receive will help you remove energetic blockages, and align your qi and energy with the new self you are manifesting so that your innate purpose flows freely within the world. Come join us in creating your future! All issues related to work, business, abundance, prosperity, and money are welcome. $40 Pre - Register $45 at door *Capacity is limited - we highly recommend pre registering as we did sell out fast last time! Personify Money & Success with Acupuncture and Hypnosis Wednesday June 28th, 2017 7:30 - 9:30 pm The BE Hive 6227 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 . . #acuhypnosis #energeticreset #acupuncture #hypnosis #moneymedicine #abundantliving #reframe #reshape #andprosper

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Ultimate Nutrition Program for Ultimate Results!! UP to 5Kgs of fat loss with this program 🔥🔥🔥 Ready to Go!!!! Excited to get my New Client Started on their Results.... Get your Summer body ready in Winter! #SmartMove #ResultsTime #Reshaping #Herbalife #CellularNutrition #EnergyUp #DropBodyFat #ToneUp #TightenUp #Reshape #GainLeanMuscle #FeelingAmazing #LookAmazing #GoTime 😜👊 If YOU want Results too.... #HitMeUp Ready to help more Peeps! 💚 #LoveIt #HelpingOthers #HealthCoachLife

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Working out in the comfort of my own home thanks to @beachbody ! Today is Day 2 of Shaun Week💪 After back to back vacations followed by getting sick, I'm so happy to be back in good health, packing my meals with nutrition and fueling my body for these workouts! Do something for yourself today!❤

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