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listen to and honour your body. at times the messages can be subtle. other times they're loud + clear. sometimes we try and push ourselves further then we should, and today was one of those days for me. learning to put myself and my body's needs first, even before what i have planned or really want to do... needs to take priority. choosing me, is my medicine. for instance, tonight i planned to go to a new moon circle, ticket purchased and everything, but my body is screaming stayyyy home (day one of my moon // in sync with the new moon 😂). and so, i must take the medicine my body is offering and stay still, present and just be + maybe some chocolate too because, #period .

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I believe what people say is true: Girls want attention, money, jewelry etc... Women want time, love, loyalty and respect. A woman works hard and can buy her own luxuries. A woman also knows how to go without when necessary. She doesn't need to be "spoiled" to feel good about her life. Material things are great and all, but they will never fill that void. #beawomanofsubstance #strongwomen #independent #equalityinrelationships #truelove #minimalism #respect #relationships #materialsdontmatter #workhard #greatquotes

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