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Goodmorning, these are the 7 types of relationships between partners defined by Sternberg. What kind of relationship are you dealing with? If not involved in any right now, does any type ring a bell?🤔 Book: Positive Psychology Author: Tim Lebon #book #books #bookstagram #bookshelf #read #reading #reads #goodreads #word #words #page #pages #library #mylibrary #literature #bookish #bookworm #bookaddict #goodmorning #thursday #relation #relations #relationship #relationships #kind #type

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there's a fellow artist in my life who is a dear friend that i look up to and who i consider a sister, who once was wronged and treated as an option, instead of as a lover. but [real] love has found her recently--in her best--and i wish for it to last, even through her worst, as well as her partner's. ive seen the blinding light in her eyes when she is inspired and practicing her art, but the light in a lover's eyes is like no other. i know that she was once shattered into too many pieces, and that she once could not find herself, but she has put herself back together and built herself up, and now knows who she is and what she wants. so i thank her partner, even though we dont talk, but he has given her eyes and her smile an even brighter light, and her laughter a whole new reason. thank you for i know that you will support her in all she does, instead of tearing her down to be anything less than she is meant to be. she is a woman of burning strength, and you not only accept it, you even allow the fire to grow ever more wild.

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#truth it's a double heartbreak. And it's fucking hard. Over a year later it still stings like a bitch. Or you feel that pain where you got stabbed in the chest. A song will play in the radio in the car or in a shop. A photo may pop up online of him and her and you look at it, seeing if he looks happier with her. Or worse a photo of you both and you scrutinise it looking for answers, trying to see what went wrong. It's wanting to tell them part of your day but not being able to. Wanting to text them to see how they are but knowing it hurts to hear from them. It's wishing they will text you but knowing it will hurt and won't say what you wish. It's texts with no kisses on the end. It's waking up in the middle of the night after a bad dream and the bed being empty to you cuddle a pillow or soft toy and comforting yourself back to sleep. Yes, it's easier than it was but when you've promised and committed yourself to someone it's hard to fully move on even though he did. It's also being scared to allow someone else back into your life like that because they might up and leave you like he did and going through all the emotional and physical pain all over again doesn't bare thinking about. #heartbreak #relationships #love #loveandloss #pain

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