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Marjorie Calder shares the story of her mother's illness, the sense of loss, and coming to terms with it all - at primewomen.com #primewomenknow #relationships

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This little wisdom nugget is one of my absolute favourites. It puts such a positive spin on the fact people can hurt us in our lives. - Through our teen years and early adulthood, we may enter friendships and relationships that may have been toxic for us. They may have hurt us, take away our confidence, our self-care and our self-worth. - But looking back on them, we say to ourselves 'what was I thinking, I was so stupid, I wish I didn't do that!' Yet we do not think, if this event did not happen, as traumatic as it was, I would not be where I am today. - When entering a volatile relationship, there are times where you feel broken, you feel a shell of your former self. Here is when your close friends, your family build you up, support you through this difficult time with no feelings or thoughts of judgement. These are the blessings in your life, you won't have many, but they would do anything for you, simply because they genuinely want the best for you. - As time goes by, your confidence will grow, you will become stronger, more empowered, looking back on that relationship and think little of your past self, believe you were weak, and blinded. But in reality, what happened to you is not a regret, not something you should EVER feel ashamed for. It is a lesson if your life, that you have grown from. For every person that has broken your heart, guides you towards people who will handle it with care 💪❤

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