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I want to paint another picture about selfies. I embraced selfie culture with glee when I joined MySpace well over 10 years ago. Back then I'd do my makeup to entertain myself, and giddy on the possibilities of digital cameras I'd take a whole bunch of photos. Many of them would never see the light of day as their number even then exceeded the bounds of what I knew to be other people's limit for my face. Once I became ill with #Fibromyalgia and #CFSME 10 years ago make up and selfies changed from something to do into some way of being reminded of the girl who existed before chronic illness. I've gone from a hardworking, outgoing person with an "I'll sleep when I'm dead" mentality to someone who psychs myself up to go to the post box. 😂 On the occasions where I put makeup on (once or twice a week usually, and even less often when I take the time to look this 'done') the temptation to spam the world with 247 photos of my face is there. It's not because I'm up myself or because I think the world needs to see that much of my face. It's that *I* need to see that much of my face. I need to look the woman I used to be in the eye. Makeup reminds me of her. Anyone who is dismissive of selfie culture and thinks it's about vanity (like loving yourself is a bad thing anyway, amirite?) misses the therapeutic effect of SEEING yourself. Add into that marginalised people who the world ignores and the importance of self-representation intensifies. I LOVE seeing other people's selfies. I don't even think about their reasons, I'm just so glad they feel able to share them. ❤️ #selfiesforselflove #selfiesforselfcare #selfiesarentselfish #effyourbeautystandards #bigandblunt #altgirl #alternativecurves #doublechinclub #justmegorgeous #plussize #redhead #suryahenna

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