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3 days ago

Pretty little thing by @hilajewelry ✨ and she also have a really cool pop up sale this weekend ⚡️💖 #QueenEhome

4 days ago

Busy Bee 🐝🐝 working on a new video⚡️ can you guess? Let my know down below which more videos you would like to see! #QueenEhome

1 week ago

Hello Sunday, we are going to have fun together ⚡️💖 #QueenEhome

1 week ago

Morning essential for another busy day, we can do this 💪🏼 hope you will have a great one loves ❤ #QueenEhome #QueenEmakeup

2 weeks ago

Happy Friday loves! There is a new post now up on the blog, All about the new collection of Chanel ⚡️ link in bio #QueenEmakeup #QueenEhome

3 weeks ago

I'm in love with the new @maccosmetics X Caitlyn Jenner collection, especially with this lipstick! Did you buy anything from the collection? happy Friday loves❤ #QueenEmakeup #QueenEhome

4 weeks ago

Good morning loves! There is a new post up on the blog with 5 things that make me happy this month, link in bio 💖 #QueenEhome #QueenEinspiration

1 month ago

Perfect part of the day when I'm coming home and drinking my favorite tea with this little one by my side 🐶 ❤ #ויסוצקי_ירוק #ממשיכים_בשינוי_הירוק @wissotzky #QueenEhome

1 month ago

Just uploaded a new video to my YouTube Chanel with my favorite trends for 2017, Link in bio ❤ #QueenEhome

2 months ago

Never not buying fresh flower in the weekend.. 💕 #QueenEhome

3 months ago

Got myself some fresh flowers because it's Friday 😍 Happy Friday loves! #QueenEhome

3 months ago

I guess you didn't notice I love all gold everything, right? 😂 thumbs up if you with me! #QueenEhome

3 months ago

Mood of the day: can I please stay in bed today? #QueenEhome

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