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"It takes willpower to overheat if you are on the right diet but it takes even more willpower to stop eating on the wrong diet." Far left is 26% Body fat and now I think I'm like around 18% - 16%. (Not impressive I know) I'm a strength athlete so having abs or looking good doesn't really matter to me but I knew something was wrong when walking up the stairs was exhausting me. I'm taking it nice and slow so I won't lose alot of my strength so far the only thing going down is my deadlift. I'm Not done "cutting" but I just wanted to show that dieting isn't hard it's just kinda boring. #MadeAt12StGym #BeDangerous thanks to all my friends and family who support me 😊😊😊

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Veinz & Gainz

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A good leg day. Actually went heavy for once. A 365lbs single which didn't feel that bad! Hopefully this means I'm back and can climb towards 405 again. Only time will tell. ____________________________________________ #legday #legdayeveryday #powerlifting #PR #squat #squats #strongman #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #FIT #fitfam #fitness #fitnessaddict #iron #inzer #inspire #instafit #ironaddict #crossfit #cardio #muscle #barbell #gym #gains #train #raw #quads #gymlife #gymrat #backday

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Hey guys! Another day, another view into my routine and progress. Had a good talk with my partner about progress and weights... It takes a lot to not get upset when you plateau but we need to understand it can happen. The goal will be to continuously improve the mind to muscle connection! Another point we talked about was getting a bit weaker... nobody likes to admit it but another thing we should understand when in a deficit vs surplus (calories) currently cutting down with @smith.julian as my trainer (follow him unless you already do!) and I understand that some point soon I'll be a bit weaker than when I was bulking but the ultimate goal is to build a solid foundation for the surplus later this year! Onto the lifts Day 6 Chest and Shoulder split Incline work DB work And plenty of Fly work! Shoulder vid will be posted later. Felt great today and was happy to focus on the depth of my DB press and the control on incline! Get that ego lifting out of here and hit some Time Under Tension and control your weight!!!

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