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Here is our mason jars that you can buy. The mason jar will come with treats when you order. They are only 20 dollars and they can be used for repeated storage even after all the treats are gone. #dogtteats #puppies #masonjars

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🐱👅 Good Meowning! ☀️ The Sun is Up, Wake Up Right Meow, You Sleepy Heads! 😽💤 . 👏 ConCATulations @birmankai ! 🐱 Kai! Meow Goodness! It's Time to Wake Up! ☀️ You Are Our Furst Cat Furrend of Chewsday Meowning! 🏆 We Know Starting the Day can be Ruff, but You're a Cat with A Lot Going On! 📆 You're Already One Step Ahead With That Yawn! 👅💦 This is a Great Furst Chewsday Tongue Out Display! 👏🐱 Thank you fur following and tagging #FurrendsUpClose !🎉. . 🐾Please take a moment to visit the wonderfurl gallery of @birmankai & give this account a much deserved follow!🐾 • . Feature selected by: @ResemblingVelma 😻 • • 🐶🐹🐰•••😻🐩🐊•••🐅🐼🐘 • . A FurrendsUpClose Family Purrduction: 🌟@scampyhunter ✨@resemblingvelma 🌟@Faye_and_Ollie ✨@Colby_and_Alani 🌟@thunder_pets ✨@Piggy.Lola . . •🐶🐹🐰•••😻🐩🐊•••🐅🐼🐘 • • 🔸To be featfurred, you must follow @furrendsupclose and use our hashtag!🔸 • . 🔹To win a contest with prizes including donations of up to $300 US to animal/wildlife charities of your choice-in your name-contributed by the moderators and mega shoutouts YOU MUST FOLLOW AT LEAST 3 MODERATORS! 🔹 • . 🔸CURRENT CONTESTS 🔸 • ✨Next One Begins Soon✨ ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ ™@FurrendsUpClose

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Typical social justice warrior

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