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(144/365) Today I was hit with such a crazy wave of memories. While shopping with my family today, I heard someone call out my name. My first reaction was, "wait, who is this? I should know. Why can't I remember?" And then it hit me. It was a former coworker from years ago, back when I bussed tables at the original Ghirardelli shop in SF. A little back story of truthful and raw honesty: I hated that job with a passion. I busted my butt off all in vain most of the time and I had one too many breakdowns which led to my decision to finally call it quits after realizing it was destroying my mental health. I spent so long recovering, picking up my self-esteem, and finally getting myself back together. It's just amazing how time can heal such wounds. It's even more amazing how much of a lasting impression you can leave upon people and be able to reconnect just like that. I think these are the things that make me realize I'm alive. . . . #365daysofSelfCare #Project365 #Documentation #daily #day144 #art #design #photo

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Early morning. Day 144 of 365.

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Day 236 Plan, Prepare, Expect. #Project365 "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." - Z. Ziglar ________________ ____________________________________________________________ 📷 @holla_dc // #Hollagraphy ___________________________________________________________ #dcphotographer #photographer #photography #HollaProject365 #inspiration #borntowin #expect #prepare #winnerscircle #win #success #plan #newbalance #preparetowin #plantowin #motivation

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3/365 Do fairies exist? Of course they do! The one looking at the camara and posing is my favorite one!

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1st day of our camping trip was full of excitement 🐰134/365

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Our graduate!! 💙💙💙 We love him so much. [144/365]

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284/365 In dreams...

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Good morning world 😊

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