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3 minutes ago

Day 2 orientation week. Number of alcoholic beverages consumed: 0. Number of hours spent watching Netflix: approximately 15 #doingitright #priorities

15 minutes ago

Eating together is a simple way to show our families they’re a priority. Before each family member rushes off in their own direction, or when everyone gathers back together in the evening - make time to connect! It’s worth it! #flclovemyfam #priorities

17 minutes ago

Wij nemen onze dagen in #LA van dag tot dag. ‼️Geen gezeur, Geen gezeik.‼️ Niks staat vast behalve de gym! De rest laten wij over aan onze enkelstrap👌🏼🎉 Met de auto touren wij rond 🚗 #wantwijzijnverzekerd #onderonsje en dammit ik ga gewoon met abs terug naar huis van 't lachen😂💜 @tatiana_francisca_

17 minutes ago

You can trust that what comes out of your unique brain and unique perspective, from it will spring forward the right idea at the right time and touch the right audience. ✨ #happymonday #motivationalquote #davegrohl

24 minutes ago

The only way to spend our last full {non-moving} weekend in CO - skiing down a 12k ft mountain with you! 🙌🏼🎿 #Priorities #coloRADo

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