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*We print Galaxy Size!* You're gazing at the final result of Princeton University's HSC Project -- a small piece of sky, full of galaxies as observed by the Hyper Suprime-Cam / Subaru Telescope over a 15-hour long exposure and 3 composited filters. The Princeton team chose Bay Photo MetalPrints (6 - 40x80" panels) to uphold the impact of the subject matter itself. Proper scale would mean a 1000-foot viewing distance, but where's the mind-blowing fun in that?!

6 hours ago

No, that elephant isn't photoshopped and yes, we are jealous of @david.loi.studios. Killer shot and great choice of mat! It's heading your way!

11 hours ago

I'm working on lots of important, beautiful, and very special things for you. : Including perfectly matted presentation prints, in a customised gift box. : I am ALWAYS reminding people that USBs, discs, and whatever other electronic media won't last forever. We all know that's a fact, like it or not. But one of the one of the things I love doing, and my kiddos love to do, and hopefully their kiddos too? Holding a memory from an amazingly special occasion, right there in my hands. : And I don't believe these tangible memories should cost extra, nor do I believe they should be an "add on". Yep - a selection of prints (and USB, for your peace of mind), is available with every wedding booking. If you'd like to see more, including what the whole gift print box looks like, please contact me! ❤️ •~~~~• : : : : : #JayEmmeInstaWed #JayEmmePhotography #JayEmmePhoto #PrintYourWork #PrintYourPhotos #WeddingPhotos #WeddingDayPrints #WeddingMemories #ThailandWedding #DestinationWedding #DestinationWeddingPhotographer #WeddingPrints #PhiPhiIslandWedding #LuxuryWeddingPhotographer #LuxuryWeddingPhotography #FineArtPhotos #BeachWedding #ShootFilm #FilmWeddingPhotographer #BelieveInFilm #FINDInABox #Portra400 #Pentax645n #FilmBorn @carmencitalab @canonuk @findinabox

19 hours ago

💕🌿 www.allakronhart.com/shop

1 day ago

One of our awesome local customers, @expressivephotographics is exhibiting his work on Bay Photo Prints at a new Santa Cruz restaurant, @oasissantacruz. We can't wait to grab a bite and see these lovely images on our quality presentation in their final home. #repost

1 day ago

Your family memories, bound in linen, preserved for generations.

1 day ago

Spend a day being pampered and treated like a model. Bring your favorite outfits or we can design something just for you. Either way we will create amazing Portraits of you!

1 day ago

A beautiful baby album 😍

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