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I've heard people say multiple times that before Instagram, nobody would acknowledge the things they do currently and now that because of the app, everything has become art. BUT please do tell me, why is that such a bad thing? Everything in this world has a great amount of potential to move you and art, by all means, must make you feel something. Anything. So then, shouldn't finding beauty in the most mediocre thing is what life should be about? Isn't it wonderfully beautiful that an app has made us look at things in a different perspective altogether? Of course these apps have their own pros and cons but in a larger picture, I absolutely love how we capture moments.

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Mercado Barroco 🏰 Lebrija, Sevilla. MargaritMapol probando cosas nuevas. Estaremos en Lebrija hoy y mañana, vendiendo lo que más nos gusta, artesanía 💛 #mercado #barroco #lebrija #sevilla #andalucia #mercadolebrija #artesania #craft #diy #mamamolona #mamimolona #baby #kids #hechoamano #handmade #hechoconamor #handwithlove #loveit #cosasbonitas #prettythings #beautifulthings #cosasbonitashechasporvocacion #margaritmapol Cosas bonitas hechas por vocación. Margarit Mapol ❤️

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Delicate things with intricate details fascinate me. Poppies definitely qualify. “Wide #poppy” is available in a 36x24 gallery wrapped canvas at The Gallery at Midtown Associates (211 S. Main Street, Bentonville, AR) through June 9. Other sizes and prints available online.

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|| ¡Feliz fin de semana! ¿Qué planes tienen para hoy? Yo estoy súper adolorida de la sesión de pierna ayer en el gimnasio, literal no puedo sentarme, ni pararme ni moverme con gracia 🐧😅. ¡Pásenla bonito!° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #happysaturday #saturday #weekend #haveagreatday #enjoy #goodmood #feelgood #instagood #sabado #findesemana #querico #butfirstcoffee #coffeemorning #blog #blogger #bloggermexicana #bloggerlife #bookblogger #travelblogger #instablogger #followme #picoftheday #photooftheday #prettythings

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Just finished week 7 of insanity and now I'm enjoying my post workout meal. I feel stronger, lighter and healthier then ever. I eat 5 small meals a day so I'm never hungry. Who knew committing to do 6 DVD workouts a week would change my life. Disclaimer- I think I'm A.D.D. and barely ever finish anything. I read 2 books at the same time. Jump head first into everything and then usually take a step back and stop just because. My husband joined along with the videos probably because he thought I wouldn't commit, but I do 1 video a day and commit to just get through that video. This mentality has helped me commit and boy am I glad that we stuck with it. I've gotten to my goal weight today and totally feel great wearing shorts. That was more important to me then a weight. It's just about feeling good in my skin and in my clothes. 2 months ago I was kinda down and at a point were I had to buy jeans a size up or I had to do something to stay in the 20 jeans I already own. So glad I took the leap and bought the insanity videos. I'm not always in the mood but I do it anyway. It's so much easier then finding time to drive to the gym, workout and drive back, 6 days a week. As silly as that sounds it's crazy how much easier it is to knockout a hard workout at home with not a lot of free time.

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