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And then there was 3. Out of 50 Pine Resin Og(f2) beans we got 22 female. PR6, PR7, and PR12 are the finalists. Honestly I know the winner. She has an amazing soapy lemon butter putrid-ness that will keep you smelling and toking until it's gone. She has better node spacing than the original 5k OG mom and same spade shape buds with more gurth. This is only the start of week 6 in flower so that's the only reason I am keeping 3. I know what I want in this strain and the end result is to make a stable version of the original 5k OG (clone only) with even more flavor and a rejuvenated structure. If you wanna try the original OG Kush, this is as close as you will get without worrying about all the systemic diseases and bugs clones love to bring to your rooms. I call it 5k OG because in 2005 It was selling for 5k a pound to clubs. Oh how things have changed. #realhemppaper #BlueBloodGenetics #BBG #genetics #rosin #rosinpress #terps #realog #realgenetics #makingbabies #flowers #smoketillshesgone #burn #prettygirls

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