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Así mi cara de felicidad porque lunes 😾(¿donde quedo el gatito que veía a la izquierda?)

8 minutes ago

S e l f. "Oh my darling it is true, beautiful things have dents & scratches too." (3/3)

8 minutes ago

S e l f. "Oh my darling it is true, beautiful things have dents & scratches too." (2/3)

9 minutes ago

When I take on a new challenge, the beginning should always be filled with a mix of excitement, anticipation, and an honest pinch of nerves. I've learned that nothing worth the risk and hard work for me is complete without those three. Thank you @serindaswan, for coming out in the rain to chase waterfalls with me. Happy Monday! #chasingrebels ------------------------------------------- 🎼Snare // @cosmos_midnight ft. @wildeyedboy

10 minutes ago

I'm going to try and get better at updating this instagram because I have soooo many unseen photos ✨ Here are some self portraits I did awhile back (1/3)

13 minutes ago

going back to canon. putting song on the bench for now. might pick up a mamiya 6 as well.

14 minutes ago

Well, I'm back in the real world after a long weekend in the mountains with no phone and a ton of strangers. I have to say it feels...weird and tough to be back. I took this photo of @tanatyler at one of my photo workshops I taught at @theuniquecamp. Tana was the only person I knew coming into the experience which made my anxiety VERY high, knowing we would be split up and I would have to sleep, eat and live with a bunch of people I've never met. But holy shit guys, I made a ton of deep connections and friendships that I wasn't expecting to make. I cried, laughed, held hands, danced my tits off, star gazed and climbed rocks with some really incredible people (GO LEAFS). So what am I taking away from this experience besides a pretty nice tan? The glimmer of hope that I had lost: People don't mostly suck. Quick judgements sucks. Open minds rule and they can change our world for the better. ✌🏼 #letsgetcreativecamp

16 minutes ago

Thaaat lightttt.

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