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2 minutes ago

I kind of forgot how to paint digitally 😅 This was an hour practice (i actually planned it to be about 20 minutes but you know heh, i got caught). Im still doing more of this kind so i get back on track & try to be agile again Have a lovely day ❤

15 minutes ago

That man had a legendary skill in ruining drawings, his name was tjBlueBeast 😲😲😲 Anyway I'm sick these days again that's why I'm hibernated now (I'm usually hyper active). I know I couldn't do it properly but it'll be a memory added to bag of good memories I had with my lovely neighbour and karate mate, @fattaharbabi And yeah I still remember the snowy day you pushed my face deep in snows on the ground 😄😄 #art 🎨 #art #drawing #sketch #portraitdrawing #pen #rapid #مشق_شب

22 minutes ago

Closeup of my illustration of @badgalriri 💙 Sorry I haven't been posting much. Had some personal stuff going on last week. I'll try and pick back up :)

26 minutes ago

⬛ FR ⬛ Et les derniers portraits d'enfants de #Wattrelos ! 7/8 avec la petite Sirine, trop mignonne et aussi très volubile ! Ça m'a fait un grand plaisir de papoter avec elle pendant que je dessinais. Les autres enfants étaient plus jeunes et plus réservés, ce qui est normal 😄 Je suis encore ÉPUISÉE de mon retour de Marseille et triste d'avoir quitté ma Maman mais les publications reprennent, yay ✌ ⬛ ENG ⬛ Resuming the children's portrait series ! 7/8 is the young Sirine, so cute and voluble! It was such a pleasure chatting with her while I was drawing. The other #children were younger and more reserved, which is totally normal. I'm still EXHAUSTED from my trip to my hometown and My heart hurts a little from leaving my Mum for months but I'm posting again, yay ✌

27 minutes ago

Hi guys! Sorry for being inactive for over a year. 🙈 I kinda gave up on drawing because of school and new interests. But now I'm back at it again! 😬 I kinda want to focus on metal-fanart now, so I will draw a lot of portrait drawings from now on. But I'll still keep on drawing animals besides of that. I also want to hold on to drawing now, because it has always been my biggest passion, I really missed doing it afterwards, so you guys can count on me to be more active now. 🙈 Currently working on this portrait drawing of Dez Fafara from DevilDriver. Hope to finish this next week since I have a week off then. Stay metal!🤘🏼✏️

31 minutes ago

Boooom There it is! The #beardsign Shirt. Only 14$ the next 3 Days. king-frost.com or click the link in my bio. Share it, tag me and lets start the trend and do the sign

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