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2 weeks ago

#SabjiMarket The country is fighting and the things being destroyed are not some big political monuments, any government office or any official's house or building, but the very basic need items. Because they don't have Gun-Mans standing on their doors. But who am I to speak about it. ;). #Whiteinkpictures #PixelManiac #whiteinker

3 weeks ago

#Farmers Farmers, the life line of country. Who mourn that they are not getting paid enough for their vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Yesterday on 01.06.2017, I saw people throwing those vegetables and fruit and draining that milk they made with their sweat and blood. Is this legible? Is it reasonable that a country where every night 20 Crore people sleep hungry, food is being not merely wasted but also being crushed with vehicle to an unusable state? I know government is being unreasonable but was wasting the food, the right way to exhibit the protest? Further, if they so much are worried about pay scale of the products, is this how someone would make a sell, by wasting his own product? It is not a luxury product but a human need and a human right. I suppose every one out there is as attentive as me and feels the responsibility to resolve the situation as a part of the nation. And as always, thanks for reading. #PictureDescription : Farmers are seeking seeds and fertilizers from a co-operative society for growing crops. #Location : Shajapur District #WhiteInkPictures #PixelManiac #whiteinker

3 weeks ago

#GoddessPlant This is a Tulsi Plant, worshipped as a goddess in our beautoful Indian culture. We light OIL lamps besides them every morning and evening and and let beggars pass by our house hungry. IRONY. I don't know since when plants needed OIL to grow. #Whiteinkpictures #PixelManiac #whiteinker

1 month ago


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