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2 minutes ago

Excited to be hitting the dance floor tomorrow night for some square dancing.... or just watch... haven't decided yet 😉

3 minutes ago

Did I ever show you my favorite place to work? It is not my desk. It is my sofa. My best friend for postproduction, calling clients and being creative. Oh and watching Netflix ;)

4 minutes ago

A few headshots from today! 📷

5 minutes ago

Too excited to this weekend 💙🖤💙

6 minutes ago

I like to think of myself as fairly low maintenance, even if it means being high maintenance up front. - With that being said: I got my eyebrows microbladed the other day and I. Am. In. LOVE. - What I'm not in love with though is the 10 day healing period where I'm not allowed to sweat. Like, for real? How does one not sweat in the summer? - If you need me, I'll be hanging out in someone's walk in freezer for the next week. No guarantees I'll be alive, but at least my brows will be on point. 💁🏼

6 minutes ago

My love 😘😍

7 minutes ago

It is 102 degrees in Austin today and I already don't remember what it's like to not sweat my eyebrows off. 🌞

9 minutes ago

@kw10117 and Derrick are on the blog! These two had such a bright and colorful wedding that was dripping with sparkle! I loved getting to know their family and spending the day capturing their love. The best part by far was seeing how excited their daughter Isabella was during the day and how they included her in so much. Thanks so much for allowing me to celebrate with you! Link to their blog post is in my bio 😉

9 minutes ago

Planning some exciting shoots with my favorite babes @thewildmother, so ofcourse I felt inclined to post a throwback from this legendary shoot✨

9 minutes ago

I hope you all get to spend some time outside this weekend with someone who makes you laugh. 🌲

13 minutes ago

Quiet moments before she walked down the isle. Second shot for the amazing @emgudephoto 🌿

18 minutes ago

If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you. 🎶

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