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Seriously! This is by far the best coin design that I have ever seen! #peace #chill #2

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They blend into the background of our everyday, only standing out when they approach us asking for some spare change. It seems like only when they interrupt our routine do they come to the foreground of our minds but then quickly fade away, or so it seems. You see we are the ones who are lost. We are lost inside our schedules, our desires and ourselves. Hurrying alone in our new cars that we only wish were newer. Traversing store after store to find something new to wear because we just can't find anything to wear in our walk in closets. Rushing to grab a bit to eat out at our favorite restaurant because we don't like the food that fills our fridge at home. Oh our homes?... don't even get me started. Beloved this evening several of us scoured the streets of Phoenix/glendale in search of such people in need and their response was one of reluctance, fearful doubt and hesitation. Friends my prayer for you and I is that we step outside of ourselves and give, give of our time our kindness, our generosity, our mercy and our grace. Because such has been shown to you and I. May we not forget these gifts of grace, mercy and forgiveness that has been set before us. May we never let these fade into the background. #mery #grace #peace #love #kindness #forgiveness #generosity #throughjesus #christ #uncomfortable ? #conviction #truthandlove #surgejrhigh #lost #so_am_i

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