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We worked on the van for a while, and i believe we may have isolated the issue. I cant be totally sure, and I can't get my hopes up until it works. I have already done that a few times in the last month and I was obviously wrong because we are still broken down. I feel like my interest in auto-mechanics has increased the more things go wrong though, and i now know how to perform a myriad of skills I didn't know before this all happened so I am grateful for that. We don't spend too much time driving ourselves crazy so the rest of the day has been acroyoga, and coffee, and brussel sprouts with bacon. They say that a lot of pirates treasure was kept around New Orleans, and it really makes sense in a way. Maybe it's the scenery, with dense swamps full of looming danger. Or it could be the voodoo spirit that helps to make New Orleans "The Most Haunted City in America". Maybe people have just always liked to get drunk here, like for all of its history, and really that's why pirates loved it. I don't know but it's bad ass that we are in a land of secret treasures. #vanlifers #brokendown #citypark #neworleans #homeiswhereyouparkit #adventure #travel #exploring #parklife #vanlife #vanlifediaries #campervan #neverstopexploring #neverstoptraveling #dirtbag #drifter #wanderlust #liveyourlife #liveyourdreams #dreamlife

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