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Anxiety is a negative emotion that makes us feel #fear , but we learn to through our experiences. However, children need to learn the difference between safe things and those that are actually dangerous- especially because fear usually doesn’t show in problem behaviors. Tip 1️⃣: TALK ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S FEARS. Begin by asking what makes them afraid. Listen carefully. Empathize and praise them for being so open.

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The babes call me Beverly. ONCE EQUALS HABIT post: On Thursday evening, the teen girl and I had a good look at at the new map feature on Snapchat. I was impressed by the visual but started to think about my beauty. On her map, there was a cluster of friends in our nearest big town. and her bit emoji stuck out - all alone - in our smaller town. Parental (aka Beverly Goldberg) alert!! I mentioned it to the school on Friday and noticed that today it is being reported in the media. My teen assures me that her profile is private, so that only her accepted* friends could see her on the map, but I still wasn't happy. She has now 'ghosted' herself and I am accepting that she will not show up on a map. The age minimum for social media apps: Facebook, instagram, snapchat and twitter is 13 but I know many younger children use these. Snapchat seems to be the app of choice for free communication between teens and that is how they 'hang out' in their bedrooms as I 'hung out' on the streets. We had a meeting point and whoever turned up, turned up and we had to be home by a certain pre-agreed time. If we were going to a disco, then we ran the gauntlet of our parents monitoring our outfits as we ran down the stairs to escape. Now days do we really know what our children, especially girls, are trying on, photographing and sharing? As parents it is not good enough to say "I don't understand social media" WE MUST. We must also have the conversations with our children about appropriate use and how others will perceive posts/images and how images NEVER disappear. *Accepted friends are not always people your child knows, they are friends of friends of friends of friends ..... who?!!!! #keepitprivate #socialmedia #parenting #snapchat

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Never say no to dessert -- especially dessert as fun as this!

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Even before we had the autism diagnosis, Hilo was gifted at entertaining himself and being so independent in play.. even now, he makes his own play sets for his action figures and dolls easily. Autism may not be pretty every day, but sometimes it makes pretty things #autism #autismlife #autismmom #parenting #specialneedsparenting #howtoparentautism #asd #autismspectrum #autismlove #autismspeaks #love #bloomingchild #specialneeds #speechdelay #independent #independence #play #milestone #milestones #imaginaryplay #doll #barbie #batcave #batman #firetruck #hilo #onbothfronts

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