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@Regrann from @sahabatsurga - . @sahabatsurga . @sumber.ilmu . mau repost? cantumkan @sahabatsurga di awal caption . Telah tampak kerusakan di darat dan di laut disebabkan perbuatan tangan manusia; Allah menghendaki agar mereka merasakan sebagian dari (akibat) perbuatan mereka, agar mereka kembali (ke jalan yang benar). [QS. Ar-Rum: Ayat 41]. . Hawa nafsu itu bagaikan seorang bayi. Kalau dibiarkan, dia bisa menyusu sampai usia baligh. Tapi kalau disapih dia akan berhenti menyusu. Jiwa akan menjadi tamak bila terus diberi makan. Tapi kalau dibiasakan dengan yang sedikit, ia akan merasa cukup. Allah berfirman: Artinya: "Dan janganlah engkau ikuti hawa nafsu, niscaya kamu akan disesatkannya dari jalan Allah. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang sesat dari jalan Allah akan mendapat adzab yang pedih, karena mereka melupakan hari penghitungan." (QS Shad: 26). Mau Yang Praktis dan banyak kelebihannya cek : 👉@sumber.ilmu 👉@sumber.ilmu . . . Klik Like ❤ & TAG Seseorang @... . . by: @sahabatsurga ___________ . . . . #alquran #tausiyah #hijrah #parenting #jilbab #bestseller #hidayah #bunda #muslimah #paytren #hijab #ilmu #kekinian #endorse #jomblo #unik #renungan #tutorialhijab #viral #ppmurah #paidpromote #ceramah #motivasi #inspirasi #dakwah #pilkadadki #pilkada #cinta #keren #nasihat

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1st ever week of proper exams and Josh is coping so well! So proud of how hard he is studying and working on his projects. I used to struggle with being a working mom and coming home to sit with homework every night when he is already tired. I so much needed extra help especially with homework and good aftercare is as rare as chicken's teeth! As with everything else, I prayed about it and then a friend recommended us to an aftercare that has made all the difference to our family! They get all the love and support with their homework that I'd give them at their aftercare and it's taken a huge load off me! Knowing that Alex and Josh are happy and doing homework in the afternoons is the only way I can work. They don't even want to come home in the evenings! I am slowly learning to mention all my needs to God in prayer. He truly knows best. He always brings the right people into my life at the right time. I couldn't possibly even mother without His guidance and help on the daily! If you're a mom looking for support or solutions then pray! God is always so much closer than you think... #momlife #parenting #family #blessedtobeablessing 🙌 #workingmom #faith #prayer #prayerlife #homework #school #schoolday #blogger #momblogger #antheasprojectlife

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When your hubby sends you a I love you txt 😘❤️💕

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Every where she goes - spit up, spit up, spit up! Haha, but at least she's happy!! #happybaby #babydaddy ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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Remembering when she was uncoordinated over sensitive and somewhat funny goofie... Today because of the investment in her life and transferring the belief that she is a giant, she is unstoppable and beautiful and relentless to succeed. Proud of her. Today she is assistant instructor at Sovereign martial arts... who would a knew... belief and consistent development gets you ahead in life...

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10 minutes with.... Anna Whitehouse aka @Mother_Pukka. This week, we have been chatting to the wonderful Mother Pukka and asked her 10 parenting-focused questions in 10 minutes. She gives a big mama shout out to @clemmie_telford and says her go to night feed browsing, has to be @selfishmother and the hilarious @celestebarber. Click the link in the bio to read the full interview

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