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Happy Birthday to my bestie @_charli_girl_ 🤗 You are the true definition of the family you get to choose and doing life with you has been quite the ride! You've been with me through my best, worst and everything in between and I couldn't have imagined any of it without you. Countless memories and good times... way too much alcohol... way too many cringe moments... way too many bad outfit decisions... but SO much fun... wouldn't change any of it (except maybe the bad outfit decisions and a few of the cringe moments 🙈) Now that you're one year off 30 (had to 😝) I guess I should say "looking forward to the next stage of life with you" but let's be real I think the 17/18 year old Jemz and Charli Girl are always going to be around and make an appearance from time to time 😉Enjoy Birthday Week my girl... can't wait to celebrate with you on the weekend (but can wait for the epic hangover that follows because we are old now 😭). Love you millions 😘 #bestiesbirthday #otherhalf #weride #friendsthatbecomefamily #founderofbirthdayweek

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