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#Otd in 1577, the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens was born. He was born in Siegen, Germany but when he was 10 he went to school in Antwerp. Once he had completed his training, Rubens went to Italy in order to see the great Renaissance and classical works that he knew from copies. The painting depicted above, "Daniel in the Lions' Den" (c. 1614/1616) and in the @ngadc 's collection, portrays the Old Testament prophet Daniel, the chief counselor to the Persian king Darius, arousing the envy of the other royal ministers. They conspired against the young Hebrew and forced the king into condemning Daniel to a den of lions. The next morning Darius, worried about his friend, so he went to the den to discover Daniel had been saved. Rubens illustrated this scene by having the lions squint and yawn as the morning light streams into their lair and Daniel gives thanks to his God. #rubens #happybirthday #peterpaulrubens #flemish #painter #painting #art #arthistory #siegen #germany #nga #washingtondc #dc

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On this day in 2010. England fans in Trafalgar Square after their side was knocked out of the World Cup, losing 4-1 to Germany in South Africa.

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Le Pygmalion / par J.J. Rousseau. Paris : s.n., 1771] 14 p. ; 17 cm. BEIN Hfd24 65: Uncut. Proof copy with author's ms. corrections. Extra frontispiece-portrait of Rousseau inserted. Autograph of Jean Jacques Rousseau. Bookplate of Moutonnat. Bookplate of P.G. Phelip. With additional t.p. specially printed for this copy: Pygmalion, scène lyrique, par J.J. Rousseau. Epreuve corrigée de la main de cet auteur célèbre. Lyon. Rousseau born #OTD #onthisday 1712 #France #Paris #librariesofInstragram #Rousseau #JJRousseau #JeanJacquesRousseau

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