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So, we're flying to Perth on Wednesday and then spending three weeks driving back around the bottom end of Australia on our return to the Gold Coast. Any ideas of things to see and do would be absolutely amazing!

9 minutes ago

Sourdough pancakes, coffee, blisters, sunburn, views, family hi's and chill music for the drive. Full Saturday indeed.

11 minutes ago

My late discovery that the apartment windows aren't actually tinted to keep other people from looking inside the apartment. Basically, the entire company building across the lanai has seen me dance like a squid... naked.

12 minutes ago

My shoes (and feet) are still drying out from this day filled with river crossings in the Cairngorms. On a hot day, crashing through a clear stream is a welcome relief, but putting my soaking socks back on the next morning was less welcome. 🚴🏻‍♀️🏔🐬 Wee film 🎥 from my summer solstice ride in the Cairngorms is up on YouTube... Check it out! #findyouradventure

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