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You always going out to wayyy 🎶

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So part of the Nederlands will celebrate 'Carnaval' next weekend. The fun thing is that everyone dresses up and wears a costume, the sad thing is that Carnavalsmusic is the most horrible thing ever. So Saturday I'll go to an alternative bar, that has all the fun things + actual good music. My costume? One hint is in the picture, another hint is in this caption. Gonna combine 2 things for a look inspired by a popular, alternative blogger 💕 Even ordered some lenses at @attitudeholland yesterday evening so now I'm just praying that they arrive on time 😅 Qotd: do you like dressing up? What was your last costume, I'm curious! ⚡

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DCFW opening night.

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Did you know my fave thing to do is to go to trader joe's? I go there at least 2-3 times a week 🛒🛒🥕🍓🍌🍊🥔🧀🥚🥗🍪🥛🛒🛒

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