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s/o to my boy for being a 24/7 personal photographer and dealing with "wait just one more" about 3584 times

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What to wear to a bachelorette party is up on #aloprofile .com today. 🥂Just in time for all my friends asking me what to wear to mine! 😉 I've got outfit ideas for day & night for the bride & her squad. I've included some all white & all black options, but also some outside the box ideas. 💃🏽 Screenshot or 'like' this pic to shop my top picks with the @liketoknow.it app or click the link in my profile! http://liketk.it/2qNna #liketkit #WeddingWednesday #👰🏽

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Happy (belated) 23 months Sullivan Louise! I wrote you a little letter over #ontheblog to celebrate and document this last month before you turn TWO. How has this much time flown by?!?! #sullylou

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봄봄봄봄봄이 왔어요🎶 Spring is here ~ Lalalala ~

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I know there is much controversy about lights and flashy things in the House of God. And true, there are those who will want it to be about the production and performance more than the presence of God. I love the thought of all us, people, production equipment, artisans alike … that we are all mere stagehands, preparing the stage for Jesus to take the front and centre spotlight. He does not need a spotlight (and often here on earth He personally stayed away from the spotlight until His time had come). But if you look further back into the specific requests that God had of His House .. He wanted it grand. He wanted it to symbolise the glory of heaven, right here on earth. Gold did that. Precious stone did that. The angels did that. The structure and design of the House of God did that. We are not launching a church with “GOLD” … could you imagine the fuss, drama and cynicism if we did??? However we are investing $40,000 into sound, lighting and production equipment for the worship experience to carry a new level of excellence. And, by the way, $40,000 is seriously NOTHING in that world. We want to give our artisans and worshippers something to work with. Something that will enhance their gift as they ‘stage manage’ the platform for Jesus! (More on blog/link in profile)

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I love Rocksbox - and quite honestly this might have been my favorite set. If you want to try a month for free use my BFF code below to try them out.

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🍷Feeling winey🍷

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✨NEW BLOG POST✨today my body told me it's fighting hard - my body is aching, my head is pounding... I hate bronchitis 😷 still I used this sick day as my first WIAT for my blog because I saw it as something worth talking about - people glorify those who get hyped on caffeine and pull all-nighters for assignments, the people who plow through stress and unhealthy habits, who have so much to complain about but are somehow admired for the struggles they impose on themselves! Instead we should be applauding those who are self-aware or practicing listening to their body. Yes, I still did my workout today even though I'm sick - but I knew to take it down a notch and listen to what my body needed 👂🏼Something else my sick WIAT taught me that's so important is to continue fueling yourself when you're not feeling stellar - this means still eating and eating the quality stuff. I still ate less than I do normally, but as I went through the day I made a conscious effort to eat real, wholesome food 🍴it might not have been a whole lot, but I know that what I did have helped my body more than anything 👏🏼--- breakdown on the blog, not pictured: candy and a glass of warm almond milk 🥛

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Sporty-sleek in today's current #outfitpost | Get my dress on sale for $31 and jacket for $27, shopping links on the blog or when you sign up with @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2qNmy #liketkit #LTKStyleTip #LTKSaleAlert . . . Screenshot or 'like' this pic to shop the product details from the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app, available now from the App Store!

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We wanted to know all of her secrets to nutrition, running her own business and being a mom, but we had to leave something to be answered at Love Your Lunches on March 28th. Head to our blog (link in our bio) to get to know Jennifer from @myedibleadvice and get a taste for what's in store next Tuesday! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, we have less than five left so be sure to grab yours ASAP! 👩🏻‍🌾✨⠀ ⠀ #YESxMEA #Blogged #VancouverEvent

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