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My morning HRV - Heart Rate Variability. - illustrates how prepared your central nervous system is for the day and how hard you should push yourself. ---------------------------------------------------- -ALL @ntchockey SUMMER ATHLETES. YOU'll be following this process all summer!! Using your body's feedback to determine what you need specifically! "STOP GETTING TIRED. START GETTING BETTER" ----------------------------------------------------- #ntchockey #hockeytraining #strength #summertraining #skatingtreadmill #ncaahockey #ohl #gthlcanada #omha #stopguessing #pillarsofgreatness

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In 1837, the colonial citizens of King Township, frustrated by government corruption and British oppression, marched on the City of York, in an attempt to overthrow the British garrison and create and independent country. Although the initial Rebellion failed, the protest movement sparked by the Rebellion eventually lead to the Union of Upper and Lower Canada, and Canadian Confederation in 1867. The rebels of King Township played a pivotal role in creating the Canada we know today. That is King Township's proud heritage. And today, King Township Minor Hockey is proud to announce the name of our new Rep Teams. We are the King Township Rebellion. #GOREBELS ! #OMHA Hockey Canada Ontario Minor Hockey Association

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I am still so dumbfounded as to why athletes (when there is so much information out there) choose facilities or strength coaches who make them run circuits on a day to day basis. Yes there is a time or place but you guys need to get STRONG. Running ladders and doing rope waves won't win you battles in the corner. Please do your research! If you are not training resistance training (I'd say at least 70-80%) of the time then something is wrong. Do your homework and stop doing non sensible workouts... it's essentially a massive waste of time. I am glad my athletes BUY in to real training. #offseason #forreal #nocircuits #strength101 #hockey #newmarket #aurora #nutrition #omha #ohl

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