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Somethin special in the works for the next few days...

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Skybound needles.

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Tim Walker / Casa Vogue Italia

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How amazing ! 😍👌✨

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New Moon Spread 🌙 - ♋️☯️ >> It is recommended by the universe and angels today to be strong in your endeavors. New moons are all about new beginnings which means change. Thus I had some Raw Moonstone for this reading which helps you ease into your new endeavors. Green quartz to bring everyone prosperity and monetary gain. Blue Apatite to enhance our creativity and motivation. True inner strength comes from maintaining a balance of both willpower and grace. It's about forgiveness and being kind to others. Embracing how wonderful you are leads you to embrace the wonders of those around you. Now is the time to strive toward an emotionally fulfilling life with both your family and friends. With Sun in Cancer; the motherly, most family oriented sign this is possible now. Raise your children wisely and remember who are the people you can truly trust. Now is the time of deciphering the relationships in your life that'll last forever. Music serves us all in our Life Purposes. The vibrations of the music you listen to can either harm or heal you. Cut down on that low frequency tune and listen to things better for your soul and psyche. 432 hz music is fabulous. There are plenty of high frequency music to be found. Lastly a message from the ascended master Melchizedek. Now is a time of higher learning for us all. Deep emotions and feelings will be rising to the surface. Do not be afraid. Face yourself. Face your fears. We all have much experience from our life journeys but now it a time to deepen that understanding and learning. It's time to take it to the next level. Melchizedek and his legion of angels are guiding us all onto our rightful and most happy paths. Listen to your intuition. Your third eye speaks, it shows you. It is a beautiful time my friends. Change is on the horizon. Better yourself in all ways imaginable. Good luck! ❤️✨

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Gurl stay away from my white light with your negativity • Tag a witchbitch! 💀

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