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Blessed to be able to capture moments like these. This is newborn baby Aislinn and her mom

2 hours ago

If you are into this kind of work, we have just created the perfect package for you! We launched it last week and have been so happy with the response. Link in our profile to book your 2017 Sunrise Land Sea Air session today.

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First wedding of 2017 👌🏼

8 hours ago

Morning cuddles & laughs ✨

12 hours ago

moments, moments, moments, you guys. always remember it's the moments that matter. looking back at my own wedding, it still blows my mind how quickly it all went by. just *poof!* and the day was over and our families were on planes and we were back at home on our couch like nothing had even happened. my mom told me to prepare myself for that - the quiet aftermath. she warned me that I could be sad. But I wasn't. Looking back, though, there are so many things that make me laugh, primarily the things I thought were so important that really didn't matter for a second. making last minute runs to target instead of digging holes in the sand. Trying to fit so much joy into a day instead of just being present and enjoying it all as it came. my two main do-over's would be to have my family in the same house as me so they could have been a part of the getting ready process, and to have made space for the moment to have photos like this with my sister. moments you guys. most happen on their own and the rest of it I can guide into being. Just remember to make space for the magic you want on your wedding day. Take a second to to really imagine the things that make your moments sweet, and if you want a picture with your sister make sure she's nearby for the photo op. #momentdesign

12 hours ago

"The time is always right, to do what is right." - Martin Luther King, Jr. - Such a wonderful quote and a great reminder for us all 🙏🏼💗✨

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