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Me encanta cómo soy, mi cabello esponjado, si, mis mechas sin color, mis imperfecciones en toooda mi piel, mi falta de sonrisa, el no usar maquillaje, ahora usar lentes, me encanta todo lo que hago por mi, comer sola, jugar como niña con mis niños, flojear, en fin. He aprendido a hacer las cosas con gusto y para mí, no lo hago por nadie, es para mi y no es egoísmo, es aprender a valorarte, es una pena que me di cuenta tarde y a la vez a tiempo para aprovecharlo, si yo estoy bien, lo demás estará bien. . . #nomakeup #nosmile #spongehair #frizzyhair #glasses #loveme #nomerindo #healthylifestyle #megustanloshashtag #hashtags

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The past year has been spent lost in my head. I've had some crazy experiences on this gap year and although I do not regret my decision, I would mark this as one of my most challenging/unhappy years. I was diagnosed with depression two months ago after spending several weeks basically bedridden and hating almost all social interaction. I missed my friends and my old home and I was finding settling in very hard. The only joys were my weekly women's Bible study and a few days when my friends would be home or I was able to go to an event/ place and was having a mentally good day. I didn't realise I was depressed. I just thought it was normal to cry almost every week from this feeling of hopelessness I just assumed everyone else had. My mum was such a support and although the previous year had been one of my favorites I definitely began to struggle with my mental health in college. It started with intense anxiety and panic attacks in the first year and then this incredible laziness that I can now pin as a symptom of depression. I started antidepressants two months ago along with therapy and it's the first time my bedroom has stayed tidy. It's still up and down because we haven't finalised the meds but it's a thousand times better. The first week I was so happy just being content. Not being irritated by everything and everyone. Being able to enjoy my friends and family. I can't wait for summer and I no longer feel hopeless but hopefull. I have been so blessed and I am completely unashamed of the way I spent this year as it means I will get to go to university on top of my mental health and able to cope with stress without a mental break down and be able to make friends and be happy as me. I don't know if this makes sense but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has dealt with me over the last few years. I love you x _______________________________ #art #youtube #blackandwhite #activism #vegan #Christian #therapy #mentalhealth #bodypositive #drawing #veganfoodshare #monochrome #like4like #vegetarian #Italy #naples #veganism #nature #contrast #picoftheday #reflections #basic #indie #summer #nomakeup #bodypositive #travel #napoli #aesthetic #depression

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Things are looking up B A B Y! 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

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