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Life is too short not to fully live! If you are punching in day in and day out to a career you despise a change may be due. Granted you will tell yourself excuses such as you need the money or you can't chase your dreams....but reality is you can do whatever you set your mind to. You can find a way. Set this action plan in place Today - 1 REALIZE where you are in life right now. 2 - DECIDE how your life can be Maximized. 3 CREATE a plan of attack to start moving you towards a Maximized Life. In Real Estate I enjoy assisting all walks of life. Although, I recently had a client that was literally homeless just 8 years ago and is now shopping for $2million+ homes in Vegas. This man lost everything in some bad stock investing venture. I mean EVERYTHING to the point that he was living in his car(with no heat-(heater was broken ugh)) in dead the winter of Detroit.....(imagine the level of cold) Come to find out he refused to accept this fate and started to game plan.I asked how did . He told me his plan A-Z. He would work some 9-5 jobs that he despised and would save his earnings vigorously. He then applied all of those earnings 3 yrs worth of work(at jobs he despised) and started up his lifes passion a snowboarding apparel/board company(I cannot disclose the name but it's huge now and you know it) So in essence this man went from rags to riches not by luck or gamble but by persistence and perseverance. 1 He REALIZED where he was in life right then. 2 - He DECIDED how his life could of been Maximized. 3 He CREATED a plan of attack to start moving you towards a Maximized Life. Life is too short not to Maximize it! This TRUE STORY brought to you by. The Closers - Las Vegas REALTORS www.RealEstateOfVegas.com Follow us on Facebook & Instagram www.Facebook.com/TheClosersLV www.Instagram.com/TheClosersLV #thecloserslv #premierrealtor #milliondollarlisting #flipthishouse #realestateofvegas .com #realestateofvegas #luxuryhome #richandfamous #lifestyle #lasvegas #dreamhome #pool #fun #firsttimehomebuyer #realtor #buyingvegas #sellingvegas #family #nofilter #homebuying #homeselling #photooftheday #nocrop #Zillow #trulia #realtor .com #redfin #mls #lifestyle

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