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First sunshine This image has lots of inspirations attached. Let’s see if it inspires you or not? As I always try to produce different photo of same place or you can say less explored prospective. This hunt sometime puts me in trouble. During night, my colleague and I were discussing about the location. We thought to try low angle (below ground level) and selected a place. When we reached there in morning I thought to remain at ground level, in few second I hiked up a small mountain, in another minute I hiked up further on other mountain. A sound from inside keep on asking a little more, a little more and I kept going. I knew Hampi is wild animal free but even a dog can scare you in dark, when you are alone and hiking an unknown hill. My heart beat become louder as I get only few beautiful sunrise to capture and didn’t wanted to miss and also I didn’t had idea where I was going. The only thing I did, I believed my heart and kept going. Finally I saw a structure and was happy that probably I reached the location. I reached closer and I saw a sign board that blew my mind. It said “sunset point”. I was stumbled and alone at the top of the mountain. There was no phone network to take help from anyone. I said to myself, I can’t surrender. My heart again started mumbling, this time “All is well”, “All is well”. I was able to see Virupaksha temple on my left, Hampi ruins in front, on right and back huge of mountain. I knew many photographers like to click opposite to sun, so one problem solved. One very interesting fact came to my mind that Hampi is surrounded by ruins and Virupaksha temple is designed in such a way that first sun shine kisses it. Now i waiting for this golden moment. #MyTravelPhoto @mumbaitravellersofficial #virupakshatemple #hampi #sunrise #saurabhsartworks #nikond750 #nikon1835mm #karnatakatourism #travelphotography #landscapephotography #landscapes #dpeg @nikon_landscape @nikontop #nikon #like4like #nikonphotography #nikonartists #nikon_dslr_users #nikon_owners #i_hobbygraphy #_voi #saurabhsartworks #followme #netgeoindia #netgeotravellerindia #creativemagazine #_poi #_coi

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Festival Season! Water ice and rides!

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