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**does 1 crunch-- do I have abs yet?** Not the most significant transformation but transformation indeed. I've come to learn that now that I've lost all of my weight, that changes will be small but should still be recognized. I still deserve to be proud of myself. Any time you decide to not eat that brownie at the office or by pass soda for water, you should be proud of yourself. It may be small but it can lead to big changes. Trusting the process is hard for me, but is a must. Left picture- nov (1,200 cal, cardio) Middle- dec (1,400 cal, resistance/cardio) Right-March (1,600 cal, strength, cardio) I love my body at all stages but i am going to strive for more. Eating well & working out hard gets you places. Who would know that I'm eating more now than I was in the first picture! Yippeee! Ready for more changes as we jump into bikini season 🌞 #bikiniseason #workout #toning #putinwork #eatclean #traindirty #vsxsport #Nikey #lulemon #tan #blonde #icantpose #ijustwannabefit #transformation #fitnessjourney

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