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8 minutes ago

Ready, set..... 😝 Our servants aka mom & dad have the day off today because of something called Helatorstai. Yeaaaaaaaa! Also, I had a haircut today and I'm now very handsome (says mom), and also mom said something about her being right about my weight, that I have lost some! Woo! 👏🏽 Mom is happy ❤️ and at the groomers it went rather well. So that was nice ☺️ Now some outside fun with the boys and mom. And actually soon after this pic was taken, I got into a fight with Eetu. Or Eetu got toy jealous or something, and was all in my face. Mom came to the rescue. Sheesh. We rarely fight, but sometimes... sometimes yeah, it happens. And Eetu usually starts it. 😔 Anyway, all good now. Well, except this gorram tick on my face!!! 😡 Mom noticed it a few minutes ago, it hasn't been there long cos it wasn't there when I was at my barber...... cheaky bastards. Hate those! -Mooses- #outsidewiththeboys #dayoff #newhaircut #cairnsofinstagram #cairncuties

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