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This baby has not been touched for 3 years!! Since baby no3 came a long I've had no time. Have no idea when I'm gonna be able to start taking good quality pictures again #dslr #dslrcamera #cannon

2 hours ago

I've been using this moisturizer every morning & night since I've gotten it & my skin feels like heaven ☁️ // This formula is thick but not in an uncomfortable way and really plumps up your skin! ☀️ I'm sad because it's almost gone! 🌷

7 hours ago

Thanks for stopping by today at our first day back at the @chilmarkflea! 😉 We'll be here every Wednesdays and Saturdays this summer, 9-2pm! And for our other pop-ups, check our schedule at shopconrado.com/markets ✨✨✨

7 hours ago

It's all in the details 🖤 This gingham dress is still out of stock, but I found some insanely similar (and cheaper) options! Which can be found on the shop page of lovehannahlee.com #summerstyle #ginghamdress

8 hours ago

A question that has been on mind for a long time is the thought of community and how it changes over the years. When we are young- our main communities are family and school. As we get older, college life determines our tribe. So has anyone felt the transition of post-college life/ married life to be the most challenging? • As someone who has moved away from where they grew up, I feel like I have many random communities-- my online community, my business sisterhood community, and a scattering of a few of us who have found each other here in Mass, but still none that feel quite like being home. • Maybe I'm just homesick, but I like to think I'm not the only one who thinks about this. 😋

10 hours ago

Honestly as long as you're happy who the hell cares! 😘

10 hours ago

Honestly love it when this happens 😊 left: Camille dress right: Ada dress- both on sale and perfect for summer! ☀️

11 hours ago

Sunshine and cobblestone streets

13 hours ago

Treat yourself, it's closer to Friday than Monday now. Drizzle a little Cardamom Infused Maple Syrup on your favorite treat. 📸: @Jill_Haupt of @underatinroof

15 hours ago

As the weather starts to (finally) get warmer here in Vermont, I'm excited about the promise of many days to come spent on Lake Champlain! 👙☀️👒🌿💧 Packing a big beach bag is always essential, and my sensitive skin loves Neutrogena® products for summer facial care! I've been using Neutrogena sunscreen exclusively for years, and I'm so excited to add some of their other products into my sun protection and beauty routine for this summer. Currently in-store or online you can get a $5 Target GiftCard with the purchase of 3 Neutrogena skin care products- so stock up now y'all! #ad #FreshSummerSkin

1 day ago

Laying in my own bed, sipping tea, writing an epic blogpost and reminiscing about @blogher 2017! Met such incredibly talented women & got amazing expert business advice from bloggers, marketers, editors, and heads of corporations. So excited to share this post with ya'll later this week! Back to my normal, with my first 12 hour shift in 3 weeks! 👩🏾‍⚕️ #nurselife #nurseswhoblog #nurseblogger #registerednurse #blogher17

1 day ago

I just blogged about my favorite guacamole recipe that is perfect to bring to summer cookouts (or to sit on your couch and eat an entire bowl of🤷🏼‍♀️) and only takes 10 minutes to make 😉 The link is in my bio!

1 day ago

I love finding cute yet affordable sunglasses since Bennett constantly stretches my suns trying to yank them off my face! This @ilymix pair has 100% UV protection which makes the optometrist in me happy! I've linked them in my bio 👆🏻 and don't forget to enter "nicolesopp" at checkout to save 20% on any ilymix purchase! ✨ #sunnies #ilymix #ad

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