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#Negative will happen to all of us... thoughts, words, actions, events. Some we can control the outcome, but way more frustrating when we have no control over what happens to us or around us. Luckily we always have control of what's within us. #Choose to see the #positive in each situation; choose uplifting words wherever possible; and choose positive thoughts when negativity pops into our heads (esp about body image or ability). Consciously starting to choose the positive will breed more positive thoughts and actions. #selflove #youdeservethis #BestYourself #BeBetter #DoBetter #YouWantSome #ComeGetSome #WeDontLiftWeights #WeBuildBodies #LiveLifeBetter #CantStopWontStop #2017goals #DreamADream #DoTheWork #Inspiration #Motivation #Perspiration

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ทำไมรู้สึกว่าช่วงนี้ตัวดำจังเลย??? #negative

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Who else? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻

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sometimes, i feel i'll never find the person who can understand what i'm feeling with just a look at my face. i think i won't find the person who's willing to stay up and talk with tears in our eyes as we hug until morning. or check up on each other everyday to make sure we're both doing well. no, i wouldn't mind asking if you ate properly, got enough sleep, took your medication, and etc everyday. for some reason, i actually want to take care of someone. someone who gets me. if we can help each other, and if you can understand why i'm like this, then honestly i wouldn't want to let you go. because there's very few people who don't find me annoying or strange. [continued] - - - - - - - - - - - (ignore the tags. every fanpage has them.) #twentyonepilots #t øp #aesthetic #rant #vent #red #negative #self-harm

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it sounds weird, everything i'm saying. but i feel like i need to get it out. i don't want help, i don't want anyone going into my dm's and aksing if i'm okay. i'm fine. i just need someplace to let these thoughts out. i figured a rant account would be nice. so if you see these, just scroll past. it's not a call for friends, it's not a cry forsomethingn. i just feel really misunderstood rn. and i can't believe i broke my year streak of no self-harm yesterday. my friend freaked out when she saw it, but they were simple marks. nothing major. and i felt fine. she said i shouldn't ever do that again because it's harmful to other people. well, it's a coping method for me. and it works, so i'm not going to stop for other people. i still enjoy bloody arms and that's just a weird personal thing of mine. see what i mean? it's not negativity. it's just my way of saying, "fuck you world, i do whatever i want." [continued] - - - - - - - - - - - (ignore the tags. every fanpage has them.) #twentyonepilots #t øp #aesthetic #rant #vent #red #negative #self-harm

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